"Sign These Bitch!"
—Slim Shady in his confrontation with Christina

Story/Pre-Battle Edit

It is established that before the events of Shady, Slim Shady and Christina had brief sexual relations, despite being involved in a love/hate relationship. In the Dyke Hills Mall chapter, Marshall, and Shady's Crew make their way to an area of Amityville known as the Dyke Hills Mall, to assassinate Christina. After spending most of the chapter getting passed security measures and sneaking in to her fan signing Marshall is sent in to confront her. After the confrontation fails, Shady bursts in the room, confronting Christina himself only to find that the woman posing as Christina is nothing more than a robotic clone. As the area is evacuated, the real Christina shows up. Shady and her have a brief back in forth re-union, before she reveals that she's been nothing more than a humanoid robot, cloned multiple times. The hostile conversation then turns turbulent as she assumes her more robotic form and let's loose some of her clones.

Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

Christina's most dangerous weapon are her numerous clones who function as powerful melee enemies. Beyond the clones her tendency to absorb tons of damage and ranged attacks can make her hard to fight the first time. By maintaining distance from her melee attacks and careful dodging of ranged attacks Christina can be taken out easily with skill and patience.

Soundtrack Edit

Datsik Excision Remix)

Datsik Excision Remix)