"I'm here for my motherfucking money, all $600,000 of it"
—Big Naz to Marshall

Big Naz, is a member of Project Shady alongside other members, Marshall, Ken Kaniff, Royce da 5'9", Susan and Slim Shady himself.

History/Pre-Shady Edit

Before the events of Shady, Naz was appointed to Slim Shady as his own personal bodyguard. As his bodyguard, Naz had to constatntly deal with Shady's purchasing of illegal weapons, drugs and many other dumb investments. Big Naz describes his experiences as like baby sitting a child, who just had a handful full of candy. At one point Big Naz even reveals, that he had to lend money to Shady multiple times, and never received reimbursement, as well as providing Shady with chauffeur services. After Shady left the public eye, joining Royce da 5'9", to form the criminal gang Bad Meets Evil, Naz was left in the black, furious at Shady for never paying him the $600,000 he was owed.